​Support our Troops. A festival performance to benefit San Diego's military families of Lincoln Military Housing

Yearly Charity Golf Tournament to Feed Children

Christmas Party

for Families with Exceptional Needs Children

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Goodbye to bees, fleas and things that eat cheese!

Established in 1988

San Diego Pest helps our community throughout the year to support the people and programs that need help surviving and serving the less fortunate. Whether it's volunteering for a community event, helping out a neighbor in need, or making a donation, the act itself doesn't matter. The smallest act of giving can spark change.


San Diego Pest Control Office Industrial HOA Multifamily Apartments Giving Back

“Whether it’s feeding and helping children, helping our community or giving back to the military.It is my desire to help in any way possible.” 
Mark Cortez, Owner

San Diego Pest Control Office Industrial HOA Multifamily Apartments

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